Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is not so bad, and I'm not being sarcastic...

So I've been a little lazy with this. I meant to do a little write-up about the Carvin Cove Marathon back in early June, and then forgot. I meant to ramble a little, but then work shipped me all over the place for a few weeks. I was back at the Highland Games again, and meant to ramble about that, but there was just too much in the space of three short days - I was drained, exhausted and couldn't find the words. And then a week after that I decided that my left knee needed its ass kicked, and so here we are.

At this point I guess I am just thinking out loud a little bit.

The reactions I've gotten have been quite varied, which is to be expected. My own opinion on the matter is that it wasn't really IF I was going to screw something up majorly, it was WHEN. I just figured it would be out on a trail in the middle of nowhere, alone and with a useless phone as usual. Fortunately, this happened in a controlled environment with other people who could carry me into the AC and call 911. Who very helpfully told me that I'd have to wait to see ortho, there wasn't anything they could do.

I was lucky as far as getting in with my orthopedist. Usually no one will touch you for 3-5 days after an injury like this, they want the swelling to go down so they can actually poke at you. I was on the phone with my own doctors at 8:15 the morning after the accident, and in touch with the orthopedist by 8:30. The receptionist took notes, and called me back within 15 minutes - they would work me in that morning with whatever doctor had a few spare moments. Turns out if they can get to you within a day or two, they'll see you.

It was also pure luck who I drew for a doctor - when he came in I promptly asked him if a trail race I was aiming for in August was out of the question. Since that was a yes, when could I go back to the gym? He promptly turned around and stuck me in a full arm cast for a week.

I went back in to see him again on Monday (yesterday). Admitted I hadn't been wearing the arm sling because it was hindering my life. He didn't seem to care, and told me it was more to warn people to be careful around me, which I thought was funny. My mom has threatened to call him a couple of times to call and warn him that he has trouble on his hands with me, and he said he figured out the first time I came in asking about the race and the gym (I must have stuck in his head, his PA didn't remember me); a lot of people he sees in a similar condition are asking for disability notes for a year and I'm pushing for any inch I can get. Fortunately, his views on repair and rehab are as aggressive as mine (or close enough). I've been back on stationary bikes for just over two weeks, and was encouraged to continue adding more resistance and interval training. I've also been back on the elliptical, which he didn't officially approve, but it doesn't hurt and theoretically might keep me off the treadmill. This week I also graduated to squats and walking lunges (yes, seriously).

I also finally got my surgery scheduled. I had it set, and then the coordinator called back that the PA assist the doc wanted wasn't available, so it got pushed out a week. I would like to try to push for a week earlier, but I know he won't give because he wants the elbow fully healed and functioning. So I get to hang off doorframes and walk around holding a 5-lb weight to straighten it out (the kids are going to get a kick out of this one). I keep telling myself one more week of solid training will make or keep my leg that much stronger, so the recovery post-surgery will be easier and faster.

I will be running again by Thanksgiving. This mess has wiped my fall schedule completely, which is a bit sad because I had some events I was really looking forward to doing. On the flip side, this gives me a chance to reset some things about my running I had been meaning to do anyway, but could never find the time. Plus, other than a couple of early-year trail races I really wanted to run, I'll be right on track for my spring goals.


  1. You amaze me! Positive and focused! Plus funny! So when its the big day? And what does recovery look like between surgery day and Thanksgiving?

  2. Thanks! Big day is September 1st. I've been told some nonsense about not being able to drive for a week because my leg will be stuck straight out in the brace, but I drove just fine with it in the brace the first week, so we'll see about that. Rehab starts almost immediately with range of motion work. I haven't gotten many more details, but early on he mentioned being back on a bike within a month, and being able to use the elliptical after that. I'll be up quicker than some people because of the type of replacement I'm getting (allograft vs. borrowing from another of my own ligaments), and probably just because I'm stubborn like that. :)